müskinn X ZINA collection

The bags and graphics of the müskinn X ZINA collection are showing episodes of possible futures. The female superhero of the scenes is Zina, an extremely strong girl, who’s able to fight mutant animals, the contamination of oceans or even clothes thrown away that would take revenge on humanity one day.

During this cooperation on this mutual theme, the group ZINA brought the colors and shapes while müskinn brought materials and function.

The bags are made of mixed materials. In each model natural is against artificial and recycled is against new. Their task is to dress Zina for her every day fights no matter what future holds for her.

The mini-stories of the illustrations are coming alive on the campaign images by Eva Szombat. The photos are showing the essence of the project, which is not only environmentally devoted but also social- and gender-sensitive. The models of the pictures are the illustrators of ZINA themselves, who each embody the superhero-Zina they created. This also makes the photo series a body-positive manifest.


ZINA is an ad hoc illustration and comic anthology created by girls from Hungary. The format is forever changing, just like a real life girl.

Photos: Éva Szombat

Illustrators of ZINA (the models): Csenge Csató , Anna Kata Lovrity, Petra Lilla Marjai, Maja Szakadát, Luca Tóth

Styling/set design: Krisztina Ivanyiv

Hair: Judit Zorka Iglódy

Make up: Barbara Keserű