Müskinn's Tiger // POWDER POWER

„Harmony, balance and natural power. These are what tigers teach us.”
– and these are the values we would like to convey and emphasise with our products too. This summer we have expanded our basic collection called TIGER, and put a twist on its classic colours.
We named this summer mini collection POWDER POWER, in which our brand’s trademark bright red colour is complemented by soft powder pink pastels. We recreated our bestseller backpacks, BENGAL and JAVA , along this concept, both available only in limited numbers. The main emblem of the collection is the powerful image of Müskinn’s tiger, which now appears on unisex T-shirts and jumpers, along our popular linen tote bag.
The collection’s bags are made of 90% locally sourced materials, promoting sustainability and supporting small businesses in Hungary. These are natural textiles such as linen and a cotton and jute blend. Besides these, we also use recycled materials, keeping the protection of nature in mind.
All the clothes from our collections, the T-shirts and jumpers, are made of bio-cotton by using renewable energy. Their prints were pressed by hand, using a nature-friendly, water-based paint, instead of a traditional, oil-based one, which is much more harmful for the environment.
Other Fun Facts:
- The transparent items from the TIGER collection are also eco-conscious: they are made of recycled PVC.
- We use unique metal accessories for our bags, designed by us and inspired by the Chinese character that means “tiger”.

Photo: Szalay Krisztina
Set design: Ivanyiv Krisztina
Models: Szegváry Eszter & Zénó
Special thanks to: Ferencz Borbála