Harmony, balance and natural power. This is what the tiger teaches us to have.

We’ve created a collection of bags for everyday use, with its user in focus. The standout piece of the collection is a transparent shoulder bag which doesn’t allow you to hide your objects linked to your personality, thus advertising the message of the collection: ‘show who you are, show what you’ve got!’. The other three pieces of the collection are available in a number of different combination of colours, so that anyone can find the version most suitable for them.

The main theme of the collection is the tiger, which is the symbol of strength, health, and protection.The other dominant element is the colour coral, which defines the look of the collection, albeit in a gentle way.

In our photo and video campaign, which has ‘character’ in its main focus, we emphasized diversity and self acceptance. Our models are very different in character and come from different environments but decided to show themselves and allowed us to photograph them in known and hidden corners of Budapest, adding to the intimacy of the collection.

The laser cut metal pieces are our own designs, inspired by the word ‘tiger’, written in Chinese


director: Attila Damokos
DOP: Marcell Nagy
editor: Zsófi Érdi
music: Sammy T Thompson

models: Virág Papp, Miklós Bíró, Dominika Főző, Mátyás Csiszár, Krisztina Ivanyiv, Anna Stekovics


photographer: Eva Deák

models: Virág Papp, Dominika Főző, Mátyás Csiszár, Balázs Tokos , Anna Stekovics, Eunbi Go

styling: Krisztina Ivanyiv