Müskinn X Alpár

The first project of müskinn is based on a collaboration with electronic music producer Bálint Zalkai, aka alpár. During our work together he created a new album from which we used one of his tracks to study and use its structure as inspiration to our collection. Thereby the two creations, the track and the collection are reflections of one another, each of them made with a musical and a design point of view.

Alpár’s music is based on randomness and it’s created with an analog technique. All the layers of sound are put on a randomly generated scale and alpár creates each of them with a synthesizer.

The collection of müskinn is created by a similar method, it’s based on the structure of the soundtrack. The five layers of sound correspond to the following materials used for the bags: thread, leather, PVC film, rope and sponge. The diffrent materials are alternated and layered on one another in the collection in the same way as the different layers of sound appear or modulate in the music.

Both works were created during the collaboration. The transformation is presented at the müskinn X alpár exhibition and it is completed with the debute of alpár’s album.

If you buy a bag of the müskinn X alpár collection we give you alpár’s brand new album, the alpár X müskinn on tape, and also a code to download the tracks.
symbols track composition

müskinn x alpár campaign

photos: András Ladocsi

models: Lili Somogyi, Balázs Sabransky

styling: Krisztina Ivanyiv

hair: Attila Fenyvesi

make-up: Réka Szakál

object photos: Zsuzsanna Kőszegi

bags: müskinn